Being the Underdog – Give the World Someone to Root For!

What if I told you there’s a reason people almost always root for the losing team when turning on a random ball game? Or that it’s no coincidence we can’t help but cheer on the most unqualified of characters we read about or watch in movies whether that’s an unlikely hobbit named Frodo, a horse named Seabiscuit, or a frightened young man tasked with defeating Goliath? The simple truth is that we’re intrinsically hardwired to root for the underdog.

Something that I’ve been doing lately is embracing what it means to be the underdog. Instead of losing hope because the odds are against me, I use that as fuel to drive what I’m setting out to accomplish. When you think about it that way, you actually realize what a fun ride this is. Sure it’s scary. Sure I’m half the age of most of my competitors. Sure most of them have more experience than I do, and are more qualified to do what I’m trying to accomplish. But that’s what makes this all so exhilarating.

Historically speaking, the underdogs actually tend to win. Given enough time, passion has the ability to override power. This is the reason the Wright brothers beat Samuel Pierpont Langley to flight even though he was highly educated, had ample funding, and constant press coverage from across the nation while the Wright brothers were still unknown. This is also the reason that the ten and twelve year old sisters, Melati and Isabel Wijsen, were able to get the attention of local and national congress in turn pledging to make Bali plastic bag free by 2018. It’s also the reason we’ve been able to partner with companies like Southwest Airlines, and give a TEDx Talk. Passion and conviction rub off on others. They encourage others to join your mission, and help you along the way.

If you use your unlikeliness to your advantage and package it in a relatable story, this will be your strongest asset. Your story is the ultimate resume. Is it compelling? Does your story demand the attention of the figures you need to reach?

You have to embrace and harness the power of the underdog. Fully embody the underdog, and let it propel you towards your dreams. Go give the world someone to root for!




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