The Power of an Introduction: Go find your Max!

Early April has quickly become one of our favorite parts of the year. We spent this last week in Las Vegas at the annual NAB show having meetings with some of the largest manufacturers in the film industry. We have been blessed to get to know, and befriend some of the key players in the production business. Kyler and I are extremely exhausted, but far more excited about the opportunities that are coming from these past few days – many exciting things to be announced.

As we continue to chase our passion, we’ve been asked more and more how we’ve been able to land the opportunities we’ve had. Some seem to think we are simply extremely lucky (if this is the case, perhaps we could have found a better way to use our time while in Vegas ;) )

The truth is our secret does not lie in luck, but instead with persistence. This week has been very special to us because it marks exactly one year since doors began to open. When my father first brought Kyler and I to NAB, he encouraged us to go beyond simply following the crowd. Instead of just heading to each booth and drooling over the new fancy equipment we couldn’t afford, he planted an idea in our minds. What if we made it a goal to introduce ourselves to the very people who run these companies then share our story?

So that’s exactly what we did. At that time we didn’t have countless accomplishments, but we did have a few. We were blessed to produce for a startup by the name of Bomboard. Our video got some great traction and helped raise a pre-release waiting list of 2.5 million dollars (see the video here). By sharing our accomplishments, but mainly our passion, we were able to get some great contacts. But one really stood out.

We first walked up to G-technology because they are regarded as the most prestigious hard drive manufacturer in the market. At that time, we had never been sponsored by any company before, and we certainly didn’t expect they would want to get behind a 17 and 20 year old. But that’s where the game changed. We met Max. When we walked up, he humbly offered us his attention. What followed next blew us away. After hearing about our story, he said he would love to support us, and ended up giving us right there a hard drive that far surpassed anything we even considering purchasing in the near future.

Max then connected us with one of the most influential men in the company, one whom we have stayed in touch with on a regular basis and has supported us greatly over this year, including flying us out to California to produce a piece around G-technology and HGST’s involvement in the Crossfit Invitational.

G-technology is just one of the companies we have been privileged to work with, and become sponsored by. We have some exciting plans with them for this upcoming year. Looking back, we have been learning lessons from how we arrived here. A year ago we didn’t have the most extensive accomplishments, impressive work, or many great connections in the industry, but we did have passion. More specifically, we knew our story, knew where we wanted to go, and were prepared to share that.

Ever since we met Max, we have been sharing our constantly evolving story everywhere we go as well as our passion. We have seen this alone open more doors for us than anything else. But it all started when Max chose to believe in us.


Moral of the story :

Know your story and always be ready to share it. You never know when you'll meet your Max.




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