“Your net worth is equal to your network”: The art of proactive networking

Network, network, network…. Seems like you can’t sit through a conversation today without hearing this topic brought up. Though this term can often lose value due to it’s overuse, there’s a reason so many people are talking about it. Here at the outbound life, we often reference the quote, “Your net worth is equal to your network.” The truth of the matter is, having the right connections can indeed make or break you. I feel that so many people these days don’t understand the importance of pursuing connections and this can lead them to a frustrating burnout. As many of you know, I’m not the typical college student. After graduating high school, I made the decision to pursue online schooling through Liberty University Online, where I am currently a senior, in order to support my flexible and adventurous lifestyle. Because of this, it’s not all too often I literally have business connections walk to my front door, sit down with me in my living room and have a cup of coffee all while discussing a bright future partnership. NOT A CHANCE! Being the online student that I am has forced me to learn how to proactively seek out meaningful connections.

A while back, I attended a business seminar in the Chicago Land area where I ended up meeting the CFO of a company by the name of Bomboard. Bomboard at the time was a start up that had invented the world’s first modular jetski that could fit in the back of your car. Kyler and I immediately saw a mutual value with this company. We fostered the connection by first offering our services pro bono at one of their press exposure events. I cannot stress the importance of making yourself available and having the end goal in mind. Shortly after, they hired us and flew us out to Florida to produce their promo video, as well as hired us for multiple videos after.

I could go on and on about connections and opportunities that have come through this style of proactive networking, but I’ll save those stories for future posts. Meanwhile, I hope this challenges you to think outside the box of ways to put yourself in front of the right people, and ultimately walk away with a more robust network.


Moral of the story:  Don’t wait for connections to come to you; and make sure to have the end goal in mind.



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