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Kody and Kyler McCormick live to inspire others to reach for their dreams. At young ages, their powerful message of hope merged with their craft of storytelling has allowed them to share their passion with the world through platforms like the TEDx stage, LinkedIn’s Official Blog, and by working as social media influencers for brands such as Southwest Airlines, and leading travel destinations.

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Kyler McCormick/Co-Founder, DIRECTOR

Kyler believes that you are never too young, inexperienced, or unqualified to make a big difference in the world. With an insatiably curious mind, his untraditional learning journey expanded far beyond the walls of a typical classroom. Determined to learn from the best in the world, he sought out mentorship ranging from CEO’s, New York Times bestselling authors, Hollywood screenwriters, iconic photographers, and pop stars. Kyler is a storyteller at heart, and considers his entrepreneurially minded, brother and business partner, Kody, the yin to his yang. Together, they have been featured on platforms ranging from Forbes to Adobe’s blog, and Discovery’s Shark Week.

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“If you feel lost or stuck, just try something new. Whenever you do that, you’re buying a new lottery ticket in life. It could just turn into a new experience, talent, perspective, or connection that could literally change your life forever. The more shots you take, the luckier you get.”
— Kyler

Kody McCormick/co-Founder, PRODUCER

Kody lives to inspire others to Live The Outbound Life, a life of believing your story matters and living beyond your limits. As a filmmaker, entrepreneur and avid adventure enthusiast, he strives to share this contagious zest for life. Along side his brother and business partner, their travels have taken them across the globe, from hanging their feet out of a C-130 with the Amy Golden Knights over the city of Chicago, to swimming in shark infested Caribbean waters for Discovery’s Shark Week. Their work has been seen on platforms raging from Forbes to A&E, TBS, and the Southwest Magazine.
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In life, your “net worth” is equal to your “network”. Make connections by representing yourself in a respectful and poised manner and you will get places in life.
— Kody

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